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An imaginary interview with my Inner Self:

- “Why Nature?
- “Nature is my fourth dimension...
Photography can (elusively) shape it, only then can I see how large I am. I look at my pictures like in a mirror.“

- “And what do you see?
- “I wish I could merge and live in that mirror image, and stay there for ever. It is a world of harmony, beauty and color. All is needed there, nothing is unnecessary, nobody is an enemy. I wish I could live in the world that would allow me to be always kind, at peace.“

- “What is your message, if any?
- “My photography shows (my view of) Nature and brings It to the people who, sometimes, forget the wonder and greatness surrounding us. The richest experience, the deepest pleasure, the sweetest embrace are right here, everywhere, just get out of the house. Go to the forest!”

- “What makes you happy?
- “People smiling when looking at my photos. It’s like they would remember something dear... I guess they remember the connection we all have with the Divine Nature, that never cut umbilical cord... I am happy when they ask me about those places I photograph, so I can tell them how awesome they are.
I am happy when they think my photographs are like windows, they are twice right...“

- “What makes you unhappy?
- “Indifference.
I mean indifference, generally, of people for other people especially.”

- “How would you like to close?
- “There is really, only one form of seeing beauty, the personal one. The views are though multiple. This is mine. Enjoy the image and protect the reality!”




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